Penguins Take to the skies

•August 15, 2009 • 1 Comment

Hey the new party is here !

if your a member head to the hot air baloon at the forest which takes you to the highest mountain , aka the night club roof ! If your member free item is a jetpack . when you dance with this on look what happens !


If your not a member head to the plaza and get the green propeller hat


Cp has out done themselves think of how hard this party would be to make i mean look at the cloud maker


Also when you ride the hot air balloon when it drops you off you get to meet gary ! Nearly all of famous cp people to meet them you need to be a member , will this happen to rockhopper


ps – Visit the dock and cove there super cool !

Updates !

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Well These are very small updates , but check them out !

When You go to the lighthouse and play an instrument you will be able to hear it!

TunesThanks to for picture

There is a new colour named aqua ! Sadly when you put it on its light blue !

In next months furniture catalog there will be a green puffle beanbag !

PuffThanks to for picture

There is construction at the town dock forest beach and beacon , since G is trying to lift cp up into the air since the underground windows need repaired , but how come there is not a leak at the windows !

Scotlandcpman Comeback King !

Comeback of a lifetime !

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Ok this is the biggest Comeback in history

Theres going to be some new features in this site !

  • Correct Punctuation and Spelling .
  • Music.
  • Quick Updates.
  • Games.
  • Colour

Then to top it all off a Comeback party ! Heres the Details .


Cant read ?


Scotlandcpmans Striking Comeback

8 am Penguin Standard time !

Friday 14th August 2009

Also club penguin is having a sky party . The new pin is the Migrator . Will rockhopper come but he cant find us ? But Gary found out this and cause were wearing jetpacks we have to fly to Rockhopper island and say sorry and explain to him about the windows ? If you go to the box dimension you will see that its covered in plants ! Will the plants grow and grow until there teleported into every igloo in cp ! It will then come out of the igloo and fill club penguin ! This must be a new mission ! Remember in the last mission had those seeds ! Penguins will evacuate cp and herbert will get rid of us and burn down all the buildings in case anyone comes back ! Now isnt that brainstorming !

Take your opinion by commenting on what you thinks going to happen

Scotlandcpman ( Comeback King )

Club Penguin Snow and Sports Cataolgue Cheats-May 2009

•May 29, 2009 • 1 Comment

The new Sports Catalogue is out and it had some really cool new ideas and some items were brought back.

snow and sports catalogue may 2009

There is actuall one cheat and here is it:

1- Wanna get the GREEN soccer jersey? Then click on the flying football in the first page of the catalogue as shown in the picture:

snow and soprt catalogue1

snow and sports catalogue 2

Many guys wanted the GREEN jersey, so for that club penguin made their wish true and they designed the jersey.

Hope this helped you




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Rockhopper’s ship docked today in the beach in its leafy dress. The ship is filled with leafs, stems and different types of plants and flowers.

rockhopper in island

Here is his To Do List:


And as usuall rockhopper bring with him a free item and this time it is a background




New Pin Cheat

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Wanna get the NEW Ice Cream Sundae Pin? Yeah? Then follow the steps bellow and it will be all yours:

  1. Click on the map
  2. Click on the plaza
  3. You will find a pizza parlor
  4. Enter it
  5. See the piano
    There is a glass filled with Ice cream sundae (yummy)
  6. Make your penguin walk over it



May Catalog Cheats Penguins getting paid ?

•May 1, 2009 • 3 Comments !

Hey Everyone!

Club Penguin released the May Clothing Catalog today, here are the cheats!

Click on the window on the far right to get the Woodsman Hat!



Click on the Gray Brick to get the Crystal Staff.


Click on the Dragons Shadow to get the Blue Dragon Suit!


Click on the Purple Hoodie’s Pouch to get the Boa.




Click on the Tea Cup on the Left to get the Black Graduation Cap.


Click on where the two spotlites colide to get the Red Viking Helmet.


Open and close the Red Viking Helmet 4 times to get the Blue Viking Helmet.


Finally, click on the “FEE” on the Coffee Shop sign to get the Spikester.


There are also 4 backgrounds that were released today. However, only 2 of the 4 are new.

backgrounds-2009 ! !

Hey guys its Scotlandcpman !


Now , We were supposed to be getting paid today . But there MUST be a delay ! So i have researched all around the globe and all i coujld find was the community blog posts by cp ! My good friend Vapour5 ( If you meet him say hi ) said that you may need to do missions all over again and do tours to penguins all over again . Its a great suggestion but Club Penguin wouldve told us would they ? So the post goes on about this shocker of NO appearance . Say your ideas in a comment and if its correct you could win some prizes !

My guess is that they have entered the wrong release date ! Remember they done that with the Puffle Catalog a while back , and theyve probally had not enough time to delete all the bugs and create all the pictures and how to figure out sending it to all penguins !

Also todays catalog cheats have been mabye the longest cheats in club penguins history ! Mabye .

thats all from me !